What does it mean to be intentional? Is it enough to mean well?  I’ve struggled to look through what being intentional really means.  Does it require detailed planning and specific definition of desired outcomes? Can we only be intentional about our situation right now?  How does it involve others?

Truly being intentional requires understanding that our attitudes, feelings, thoughts and actions(conscious and unconscious) directly impact every single one of our experiences.

Intentional living involves taking responsibility for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and freeing ourselves from self-limiting conditioning. It requires gaining clarity about what we want and who we are, owning what we say and choosing how we “show up” in all situations, and for how we want to contribute.

Being intentional requires refining skills, learning to choose to respond vs. react,  and expanding both thought and comfort zones while consciously increasing focus on the experience we intend to create – without defining how it “has to” look.

The meaning of the word intentional is important to a leader. Every leader knows that being intentional is something he’s supposed to be, but what does it really mean? In the purest sense, being intentional means to do things on purpose. You know, the “I meant to do that” kind of approach to your work.

The trouble is, most everything we do is done with some sense of purpose. Rarely do we engage an activity accidentally. We almost always feel we were doing things on purpose. So is that all we really mean by being intentional? Not at all.

When we talk about being intentional, we mean doing things WITH purpose. Now that’s a step beyond the idea of “on purpose.” Acting with purpose means we give significant thought to what we are doing and make sure our actions gel with a bigger picture.

Hopefully we can be reminded that being intentional means more than just doing things ON purpose. It means doing everything WITH purpose.


~ by dsylvester on October 4, 2014.

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  1. Very well said!!


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