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Powell River

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Fort St John and Dawson Creek

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Victoria Trip

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Trip to Victoria, BC. Jan 10-13, 2013.










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I recently came across a great reminder for us as worship leaders:  The impact your worship ministry will have from the stage is determined by how you cultivate relationships off the stage.

How to Write a Joke

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Jerry Seinfeld talked to The New York Times about writing jokes.

The Hobbitt

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Martin Freeman as the quiet, peace-loving hobbit Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Back in 2001 we were presented with vision. That vision was “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy produced and directed by Peter Jackson. This adaptation was said to be un-filmable by many people and at that point no one believed an audience would sit through the over 9 hour epic film trilogy. It was a gamble, and that gamble paid off. Now 11 years after the first movie “Fellowship of the Ring” and 9 years after the finale “Return of the King” we have a new instalment in the series, “The Hobbit”

Allow me to preface this by saying Return of the King is my favourite movie of all time, but I will try my best to be objective.

The Hobbit is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s’ classic children’s book. But fans expecting to see a page by page representation may be in for quite a surprise. The movie has been in development for about 8 years and was delayed numerous times due to many different factors. The original movie was set to be a single release this year; However, after filming and in postproduction it was decided to split it into 2 movies, then yet again into a full trilogy not long after. With the massive amount of back story that has been injected from Tolkien’s’ “The Silmarillion” it’s an absolute joy for fans of the series. Though the movie itself can feel a bit long because of this it does not suffer much from pacing issues after the first hour. Also with the extra Easter egg like lore thrown into the movie for fans, it will feel like meeting up with old friends for another adventure.

This first entry in the trilogy focuses on Bilbo Baggins, a well to do Hobbit who lives in the Shire in Middle Earth. Bilbo lives a quiet and happy life with his nephew Frodo and is about to celebrate a birthday. He begins reflecting upon a journey that he had as a younger Hobbit about the age of Frodo, which is where the Hobbit starts. The movie flashes back many years to a younger Bilbo that keeps to himself and stays out of mischief. One day however, he gets a knock on his door from Gandalf, the grey wizard. Gandalf proposes an adventure for Bilbo, who would much rather have no part of it, but that doesn’t stop Gandalf. That evening strange dwarves appear at Bilbo’s home with no warning, with poor Bilbo having no idea as to what is going on. After all the dwarves arrive Gandalf shows up to tell the gathered party and Bilbo of a grand adventure to help the dwarves regain their lost kingdom from the dragon Smaug.

At this point is where the movie really starts. While taking a little bit of time to get going the wait is worth it. As said earlier the pacing of the movie is very well done after the first hour. With battles and story progression going hand in hand. Even the moments of solace with the Elves have tension and intrigue to them; which will get anyone interested in the underlying story that is happening concerning Middle Earth. Even towards the end of the movie the action continues at a feverous pace right to the very end. All the while as the tales of the individual characters start to come forth and give you a reason to connect with them. With an ensemble cast you can sometimes be left with underdeveloped characters. With the original source material they have injected into the movie, it gives much more depth to people you may have thought would be in the background.

The visual effects themselves are done very well. I’ve read many reviews criticizing the effects and I’m not sure why. I believe it’s because of the 3D HFR showing of the movie. Basically this is higher frame rate than a normal movie release and because of this the picture does look fantastic. The downside to this is the effects are easier to spot. In my opinion though, they are not bad enough to take you out of the movie experience. It’s exactly the same effects that are well done for any blockbuster these days just now it’s easier to notice. If that’s something that may bother you it may be worth waiting for the Blu-Ray or going to a regular showing without 3D. The movie picture itself is one that I’m still impressed with. I would usually prefer to wait for Blu-Ray as to me it looks better than a theatre. This was not the case with the Hobbit and I hope this continues as a trend for any releases. The movie is STUNNING.

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